Peter Peckarsky for DNC Chair



The following individual has endorsed Mr. Peckarsky's Proposal for Protocol to Contest Election Results:

  • Seth Waxman, solicitor general of the united States, 1997-2001


The following individuals have endorsed Mr. Peckarsky:

  • Robert J. Fitrakis, Director, Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism

"Peter Peckarsky is one of the greatest Election Integrity attorneys in the United States of America," Robert Fitrakis

  • Elaine Brotslaw, Delegate from Wisconsin to the 1972 Democratic National Convention (pledged to George McGovern)

  • Dr. Irving Brotslaw, Delegate from Wisconsin to the 1968 Democratic National Convention; ex-President of the Eastside Democrats (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

"As long-time Democratic activists, we whole-heartedly and enthusiastically endorse Peter Peckarsky's campaign to be the next chair of the DNC," Dr. Irving and Elaine Brotslaw.