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Peter Peckarsky, Candidate for Democratic National Committee Chairperson

February 2, 2017

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, February 2, 2017 - The campaign of Peter Peckarsky is proud to announce that he is a candidate for National Chairperson (Chair) of the Democratic National Committee.  Mr. Peckarsky is recognized as one of the preeminent attorneys in the United States in the field of election integrity.

He will attend the DNC Future Forums in Detroit on February 4 and in Baltimore on February 11 and continue meeting with members of the DNC at the Future Forums. He attended the DNC Future Forum in Houston on January 28.

Mr. Peckarsky is a visionary and a man ahead of his time.  He has a clear sense of what the electoral system in this country should look like and how it should operate if the United States of America is to both have, and have a reputation for having, free and fair elections.

Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, the theft of sensitive information from the DNC, the appearance of some of this information on Wikileaks, and unanswered questions regarding the integrity of the U.S. election system since at least 2000, require a leader with the skills and expertise of Mr. Peckarsky.  Peckarsky is uniquely qualified to lead the Democratic Party in this new age of international espionage directed at affecting the American electoral process.

“The act of voting, just going to a local polling place and casting a ballot, is the only means by which the power to govern is legitimately conferred in our nation. This act is the essence of our national security,” Peckarsky says.

He further elaborated, “An attack on any part of the voting process, from registration all the way through certification of the state and local results at the state level and all the way through certification of the electoral vote at the national level, is in effect an attack on our nation. These attacks do not involve or require guns, or troops, or planes, or aircraft carriers. Without security for the entire voting process, our essential national security is severely degraded. Security for the voting process can most efficiently and effectively be provided by a full-time election protection effort of the state Democratic party.”

Mr. Peckarsky obtained bachelor’s degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Political Science. His engineering and scientific background has allowed him to develop a working knowledge of many aspects of the U.S. election system currently dominated by electronic machines and systems, proprietary computer software, and telecommunications. Peckarsky understands the details of how this election system is supposed to operate according to the law, how the system actually operates, the threats to the system, and what we can do to safeguard our next election.

Peckarsky graduated from law school in 1977 and was admitted to practice law before the bars of the Supreme Courts of Wisconsin and California and the highest local court in the District of Columbia.

He has been in private practice since 1977, currently specializing in intellectual property law (patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and related antitrust and trade issues) as well as election law.   Mr. Peckarsky has also been involved in various corporate disputes (securities fraud, contract, fraud, hedge fund, and RICO litigation).  His business litigation experience includes leading substantial teams of people working in various locations spanning 16 time zones.  (Please see attached short Biography.)

Peckarsky’s platform sets forth a three-point policy to insure that the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominating process will be conducted in an impartial and evenhanded manner as between the candidates and the campaigns as required by the party’s Charter. He also has plans for funding the party’s operations notwithstanding the manner major donors were treated in the last year when their confidential financial data was taken from the party and made available to the public.  His re-organizational plan for the Democratic Party features an immediate return to a 50-state plan and a goal of a 185,000 precinct plan with a leader in each precinct in the nation.   

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