The Plan


The Peckarsky Plan is a solid working plan to engage all our voters, restore our confidence in the voting process, and rebuild the integrity of vote tabulation. The methods in this plan have been utilized, with proven success, for the past ten years, and now are part of a strategy to reclaim our country.


Re-organizing and energizing the DNC to enable state parties to thrive

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A 50 State, 3,100 County, 185,000 precinct plan to engage all voters

Mobilize and engage every segment of our population from millennials to silver citizens.

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Each state party will determine how they will organize and energize voters locally

The right to vote is part of the Foundation of these great United States. It has been my position since electronic voting machines were introduced that they cannot be secured from tampering. 

The country and our party has known for nine (9) years from the work of highly qualified scientists that the voting machines are insecure. That is, the machines were and are susceptible to some person or entities changing the vote count as demonstrated by California Secretary of State Debra Bowen through her exhaustive study in 2007 where hackers were able to break into voting machines used in California.  While the study was not popular, the results clearly showed the susceptibility to hacking (see this article by Tech News World and this article by cNet, both respected technology resources). The eight-volume study is available here.

As part of our election computer integrity program, I propose:

  • a full-time election protection coordinator at the DNC,
  • thorough examination and correction through civic action by the coordinator and the local and state parties of vulnerabilities in the current machines, and
  • the shift over time to the proven and widely understood technology of Hand Counted Paper Ballots (HCPB).


Full time focus by DNC and state parties on election integrity