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Mr. Peckarsky joined the panel of candidates for Chair of the DC at the Women's National Democratic Club on Wednesday evening, February 15, 2017.

The following is the text of the speech he delivered in response to the topic "protecting the rights of women and empowering the next generation of female leaders in the Democratic Party."

The video can be viewed here:

My name is Peter Peckarsky, I’m running for Chair of the Democratic National Committee.
My appearance here is possible only because a 13 year old baker’s boy by the name of PeterPeckarsky who slept in the bakery because he had to fire up the ovens every morning decided hedidn’t want his rights violated. In particular he didn’t want the baker who employed him wakinghim up every morning by beating him with a wooden club. So Peter Peckarsky immigrated here.That was my grandfather .

He was fortunate that he didn’t have standing in his way a loser - an immigrant basher by thename of Donald Trump who has also made clear his position on women’s rights and what hewants to do to women whenever, however, and wherever he wants.

Other than seeing that Donald Trump leaves office at the end of this term, there are a number ofthings which should be done to protect women’s rights.

  • Passage of an equal rights amendment
  • support for full investigation, prosecution, and appropriate sentencing in cases of sexual assault,
  • funding Planned Parenthood,
  • realizing that women should be able to control their own bodies without interference from men.

The DNC can empower and support the next generation of female leaders in our Party, at every level from school boards to the Presidency.

The female candidates I’d like our party to support are ones with vision and enthusiasm... such as a 13 year old in Texas (who can run in a few years) who recently wrote an essay about challenges facing women from an early age.

The start of the quote, which I use with approval, is in the third person:
“She was 5 when she first heard “girl” used as an insult.
She pinched the boy who said it, and that was the first time she got in trouble.
She does not have a happily ever after, yet.
Someday, she will pick up a pen and write herself one, because she is me and I am her.
And I?
I am a feminist.”

This is representative of the young women I hope will take leadership roles in our party.

I ask for your vote if you are a voting member of the DNC.

I ask all of you for your support. I thank you for taking the time to attend tonight and ask you to read my website for the principles I plan to use as DNC chair to empower a locally focused grass roots strategy, to understand and use technology to engage with all Americans as we use our resources to protect the integrity of our nation’s elections.

Gail deVore