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FEBRUARY 4, 2017

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, FEBRUARY 4, 2017 - Peter Peckarsky, candidate for National Chairperson (Chair) of the Democratic National Committee published today an article commenting on the implications of the statement by an international election observer who has worked for the U.S. Department of State that if the November 8, 2016 election results were observed in a foreign election the State Department would have refused to certify that the election was a “free and fair election.” The international observer came to this conclusion due to the disparity between unadjusted exit polls and election results in the 2016 presidential general election.  (See

Mr. Peckarsky’s article is supported by charts which report that, according to information provided on Election Night by outlets including the Associated Press, ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC as the polls closed in each state, the November 2016 certified election results are so unlikely that they would only be expected to occur once in every 880 years in Florida, once in every 340 years in Pennsylvania, once in every 2,400 years in Wisconsin, and once in every 72,000 years in Pennsylvania. See charts.

Mr. Peckarsky’s article notes that, based on the observer’s statement, there is a substantial probability (although not a certainty) of deliberate tampering with the results of the 2016 Presidential election.

Mr. Peckarsky received his S.B. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Political Science from MIT and his law degree from Case Western Reserve University. He is recognized as one of the preeminent attorneys (See bio on website, attached below) in the United States in the field of election integrity.   Peter’s candidacy emanated from what he believes is better qualifications than any of his opponents to understand fully and reduce or eliminate the threats to the entire election process which is based on our constitutional right to vote. Mr. Peckarsky’s campaign is predicated on a central concept of the U.S. Constitution: that a free and fair vote for all eligible citizens without unconstitutional barriers is the only legitimate means to confer the power to govern in the United States.


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Gail deVore